Ready to meet some wonderful people?
There are many ways to volunteer with 4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance.
We organize or participate in numerous events throughout the year in the Portland area. Here are some places you’ll see us out in the community.


This need is greater now more than ever. Our kids often need help getting to and from their soccer practices and games. You can drive one kid or a whole car-load, usually no more than once or twice a week.

Soccer in the Park:

Be ready to play soccer in a new way. You’ll be surrounded by kids of all ages running around you, passing the soccer ball and scoring goals. They may also beg you for a ride on your shoulders – beware, if you do it for one be ready to do it for all.
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Many of the children we work with lack available and dedicated role models to help them stay on track with their lives. Mentoring opportunities are available for people who want to establish a longer, lasting relationship with a child to provide some guidance and set an example to follow. This is not a task to take lightly, there will be culture shock going both ways. But it is probably the best way to make an impact for the better in the life of a fourth world child.

Story Tellers

Can you create compelling images and evocative stories with your photos or words? If so we’d love to talk to you more about telling some of the stories of the kids we work with.