The Portland Timbers planted hope and encouragement at Powell Park during “Stand Together Week.”  The mission of Stand Together Week 2014 is to harness the power of sport to improve the lives of children and families in the Portland Metro Area.  There is no doubt the Portland Timbers can claim “Mission Accomplished” after visiting 4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance (4WU) on Thursday, June 19.

Watch a video of the event on the Timbers website here.

Midfielders Darlington Nagbe  and Steve Zakuani shared their love of soccer with more than thirty 4WU players, representing more than ten countries.  Most 4WU players are refugees or immigrants, many of them from various African countries.

Zakuani, who is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, articulately described the experience of refugee children, explaining that he too had been a refugee in England.  He said, “Soccer is a universal sport with a universal language” and he encouraged the kids to keep kicking the ball around.

Nagbe, who is from Liberia, explained that playing soccer allows you to “forget about all your other worries.”  Surprised by the talent on display at Powell Park, Nagbe was quick to smile when asked if he thought his presence might be inspiring.  He said he hoped his visit might help 4WU players “get closer to their dreams.”

To find out how you can help 4WU tend the seeds of hope and encouragement planted by the Timbers, please click here:

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