4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance has formed a team of seven players to compete in Rose City Futsal’s Fall Youth League.  Our U9 and U10 players have improved tremendously since week one.  They wear their uniforms with pride, and they have named themselves the “4WU Warriors.”

Team manager, Meghan Pence, says the boys greet her with enthusiasm every Saturday.  Although they struggle with remembering their donated gear,Pence says “They are always raring to go because they have limited exposure to opportunities like this.”  4WU players don’t have the same kind of support system their opponents do, so Pence says the team is facing a steep learning curve with ear-to-ear smiles.

This fall, the 4WU Warriors have played talented teams who have demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship.  We are thankful for the warm welcome our opponents and Rose City Futsal have extended to us each week.  It is through experiences like this that our players learn they are valuable members of the Portland soccer community.

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