4WU’s Futsal Team is looking better than ever, thanks to Adidas! The parents of an opponent noticed our players struggling in slippery shoes, so they decided to provide our entire team with new gear.

Dan McCauley works for Adidas, so he and his wife, Eriko Ono, delivered brightly colored indoor shoes with great grip to every member of our team. They also gave our players new shin guards and socks. Ono says she and McCauley wanted to outfit our team because, “We know how fortunate we are to have the resources to support our sons’ interests. We wanted to make sure the 4WU boys had the same opportunities to play with the right equipment.”

Ono and McCauley enjoyed watching 4WU’s progress each week, and they noticed a remarkable increase in skill during league play. Ono says, “They seemed to come together as a team very quickly. It goes to show how much confidence and motivation can be the driving force behind a team. Those boys had a sharp and quick learning curve and should feel very proud.”

4WU Futsal Coach, Eric Pence, says he hadn’t dared to hope for brand new gear. He says he is impressed with his players’ ability to “make do,” noting one of his players began the season in high-tops without laces. Adidas’s Dan McCauley says, “It literally gave me chills to watch them play in their basketball shoes, but they played with incredible heart.” Coach Pence says the donation from Adidas has made an impact beyond the court, “When my players receive well-fitting gear, they are receiving proof that there are many people in their community who care about them.”

4WU would like to thank Adidas, Dan McCauley and Eriko Ono for their generosity. Our futsal team is now completing the second session of league play in their well-fitting gear. You can cheer us on at Rose City Futsal!

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