4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance is a local nonprofit that works to bridge the gap between first and fourth world children by bringing them together on the soccer field.

We are a diverse group of committed community members guiding fourth-world children to opportunities in soccer, education, and the community. Opportunity does not come often or easily to many poor, refugee or immigrant children. Through soccer, children gain confidence in their skills and increased self worth; they interact with kids from different backgrounds and learn how to activate the world around them. We tie this growth into their education, where positive direction and value from the playing field translates into increased classroom effort and greater desire to learn. 4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance seeks to bridge communities and cultures with the tool that children love most: a beautiful game.

What is the “fourth world?” When third world people are living in a first world country, there are numerous barriers keeping them from integrating and interacting with the culture around them. Language, literacy, poverty, and other cultural elements can alienate a newcomer, denying them the chance to improve their lives with the advantages provided in the new world around them. This creates a unique living situation where the first and third worlds meet but don’t merge, this makes the fourth world. Citizens of the fourth world are often stuck there, unable to activate the resources in their community and unable to return to the third world.

4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance acts as an advocate for fourth-world children, helping both first and third worlds interact and understand one another on the field and in the classroom.