4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance partners with many amazing organizations and with their support we continue to promote education and fair play in alienated communities.

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Ready to meet some wonderful people? There are many ways to volunteer with 4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance. We organize or participate in numerous events throughout the year in the Portland area.

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Check out the latest news about 4 Worlds United

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Drivers Wanted!

"It takes a whole village to raise a child” is an African proverb that exists in many African languages. We at 4WU subscribe to this ancient wisdom and invite you to help refugee and immigrant children in our community. Specifically, we need you to transport talented players to practices, games, and tournaments. A Northeast United soccer team is doing just that, and they are making a big difference in the life of one 4WU player. But, here's the best part: Every player who helps transport Mohamed (“Momo”) says he is making a big impact on their lives too.
Phoebe Trubowitz and her son, Rowan, leave their house 15 minutes earlier than usual when they're scheduled to pick up Momo from his home in southeast Portland. In the car, the three of them joke around and talk about the upcoming game. Rowan keeps an extra pair of cleats in his bag, just in case Momo forgets his.

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4WU Futsal Fun!

4 Worlds United Soccer Alliance has formed a team of seven players to compete in Rose City Futsal’s Fall Youth League. Our U9 and U10 players have improved tremendously since week one. They wear their uniforms with pride, and they have named themselves the “4WU Warriors.”
Team manager, Meghan Pence, says the boys greet her with enthusiasm every Saturday. Although they struggle with remembering their donated gear, Pence says “They are always raring to go because they have limited exposure to opportunities like this.” 4WU players don’t have the same kind of support system their opponents do, so Pence says the team is facing a steep learning curve with ear-to-ear smiles.

This fall, the 4WU Warriors have played talented teams who have demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship. We are thankful for the warm welcome our opponents and Rose City Futsal have extended to us each week. It is through experiences like this that our players learn they are valuable members of the Portland soccer community.


Save the date for 4WU ThanksKicking 2015!

Mark your calendar! You’re invited to 4WU’s ThanksKicking 3v3 Tournament on Saturday, November 28. Once again, Rose City Futsal will be rolling out the red carpet for our supporters, so sign up to compete in this single day 3 v 3 event with a 4 game guarantee.

Registration opens on Friday, October 16. We will be welcoming up to 32 teams. Each team of 3-5 players will have a blast at this fast paced event. The registration fee is $150, a real bargain for players of all ages and skill levels. Just think, you can combat your turkey hangover AND support 4WU’s soccer programs for underprivileged players.


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